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From occasional tweaks to monthly support options, we take away the hassle.

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We don’t just code…we build digital assets to grow your brand and your business.

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Has technology passed you or your business by?

Do you know that you need help…but you aren’t sure who to turn to or where to start?

Technology is changing at an unbelievable rate! Every day there are new devices, new apps, new software, new ways to be more efficient, and new tools to use to make more money. It is really an exciting time, but technology is a double edged sword…it cuts you when you realize your competitors are ahead of you (so you throw time and money at the problem to try to catch up), and it cuts you again a year later when you have to start all over.

Are you wasting your own time and money trying to figure this stuff out, or worse…
Are you trying to find a freelancer that doesn’t even speak your language?

We Understand Your Pain!

Our Team Stays Up With Technology So You Don’t Have To…
Which FREES YOU To Run Your Business

Are you tired of feeling like this guy on the right? We understand how you feel! It’s not easy keeping up with technology changes. It’s overwhelming and even discouraging at times, especially when it is taking time (opportunity costs) and money away from your business.

In today’s world, you need your own hands on, responsive, and easy to work with IT team…


To build a new website, or keep your existing one updated

(Think of all the valuable time you waste on this!)


To keep your mobile app functioning properly

(with all the $#@!&@! device size changes and software updates)


To keep your business running smoother than ever

(with a new custom business software package)


and HEY! need new customers and higher sales right?

(Well we can help you with that too!)

We are the bandage to your wound…Let us heal your frustration, stop the bleeding of opportunity costs, and allow you to focus on what you do best, run your business.

Imagine what you could do with your own IT Team a quick message or phone call away.
It would be a game changer wouldn’t it?

Your Success drives us to Learn More, Do More, and Be More

Here is what our awesome clients say about working with us!

One of the best developers I have ever worked with; they are responsive, responsible and never give up until the client is happy. I will use BMG again.
The BMG team did a superb job archiving my old websites. They were able to master a brand new platform (SmugMug) to which I switched in no time. They made all the changes I wanted, sent me very detailed reports, answered all my questions. I am very pleased with the results, and want to thank BMG personally for outstanding performance. I highly recommend them!
BMG did a great job. They worked quickly and were always available to respond to my questions. Highly recommended! I will definitely work with them again.
BMG did an excellent job on our website development project. They were very responsive and thorough and were able to adapt well when things changed. I would definitely work with them again in the future.
This is my second completed job with BMG. It continues to be a fantastic experience working with this company. Admittedly, when it comes to tech jobs, I need to be hand held through the process. The BMG team was patient, professional and addressed my needs all while being aware of both budget and schedule. If you’re at all like me when it comes web programming needs, I would highly recommend BMG.
The BMG team was very responsive to all my requests and delivered and completed the job within a very short time. I will be using them again for other jobs. Very satisfied.
Fantastic job! The level of communication and the responsiveness to my needs in a timely manner is the best I have seen in this arena. What I originally thought would be a small project turned into a much larger project and the team was able to complete the workload quickly and provide a cost effective solution. Well done!
Professional in every way, that’s how I can describe the services provided by BMG. On time, honest, fast, giving you their full attention, very friendly, understanding, and affordable. If you are tired of dealing with unresolved issues and incompetent people, get BMG to help you. You won’t regret it. A very rewarding experience! Thank you, BMG, and keep up the good work!
BMG not only delivered exactly what was promised, they also went above and beyond my expectations! Communication was fantastic. I am the type to communicate on a regular basis and be a part of the process. BMG was willing to explain the process in great detail and provided follow up answers to my every question. I will DEFINITELY hire BMG again. They are one of my go-to people!
BigPixel Media
This company was great. They were kind, professional and very understanding of my needs. They also made personal calls to clarify what I exactly was asking for. They also offered additional feedback on how to make my WordPress website even better. They actually cared about my project which makes his company great. Thanks again. I give them the highest recommendation.
Jill Cleek

How Much More Profitable Could Your Business Be With Your Very Own IT Team Working Hand-in-Hand With You?

Small business owners mistakenly believe that trying to learn how to do everything themselves is the way to go. We admire that “tackle the world” attitude. And surely it is that attitude that allows many entrepreneurs to succeed. But here is the problem…Technology changes too fast!


On Your Own, Can you Win?

Unless you are a tech company, trying to handle your own tech is a lose-lose proposition…

“Letting go” is difficult for an entrepreneur. By nature we think we have to do it all…and we all know “if it’s going to get done right, we have to do it ourselves”. Believe me, I KNOW that feeling.

We think we have to learn how to build websites and landing pages and create our own sales funnels. We are so stubborn, we just HAVE to figure it out!

The problem is, we can’t see the two HUGE holes in our thought process… First, technology changes so quickly that just when you think you have ONE thing figured out, everything changes. The ONLY way to stay on top of tech is to live tech.

That leads us right to our Second hole…if you are living tech, then who’s driving the ship? That is the surest way to a shipwreck for your business.

To succeed in business YOU need to focus on what YOU do best…
and then have US work on what WE do best!

Our Best Foot Forward

As a team with varied backgrounds in web design, web and mobile app development, business process and software creation, and digital sales and marketing, we believe…When YOU shine, OUR LIGHT SHINES BRIGHTER.

Our passion for helping small businesses grow allows us to Learn More, Do More and Be More! You are the light that makes us shine and every project that we work on makes us better and more prepared for our next client.

YOUR SUCCESS is OUR SUCCESS…we are grateful for you!

We'd love to work with you!

How Does Your Website Stack Up Against Your Competitor’s?

It’s easy to see the difference in quality and credibility, but the question is…
Do you think your customers will notice?

DUH! Of course they will notice…there has never been a time in history when customers were more informed than they are today. Your customers are looking at all of your digital properties to try to assess whether they will choose you or your competition.

Your website, social media, and any other platform your customers use or see need to be professionally designed and build brand credibility. Just a few years ago, ANY website would do…not any more. Do-it-Yourselfers are at a big disadvantage now.

Quality, intuitive design, and ease of functionality all assist in improving a visitor’s impression of your brand. Not only is it generally a waste of time for a business owner to try to do their own development work, but less than professional level quality sends visitors away quickly to see what your competitors offer.

So, the Do-it-Yourself model no longer works. As an entrepreneur you will never be able to keep up with technology or produce the quality and credibility your brand needs to succeed. AND, the lost opportunity costs will kill your business.

Stop thinking of your digital properties as a COST that must to be MINIMIZED…
Think of them as the business’s ASSETS you need to MAXIMIZE!

Affordable Web Design Solutions

We design to impress

Custom Website Design

research, plan, and design custom websites that are rich in user experience. Hire dedicated web designers in India to build a unique brand identity.

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Responsive Website Design

Dominate desktops, tablets & smartphones with a responsive website. Partner with our company to design a mobile friendly site for better reach and impact.

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Hire ecommerce website design agency to compete with top online stores. Our affordable ecommerce packages can help you sell more form your shopping website.

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We work hard to reach YOUR business goals.


You are busy working IN your business...we help you work ON your business.


We are PASSIONATE about helping you succeed.


Our Goal: 2X (Your Business) + 1/2X (Your Stress) = : -) X U!

YOU grow your Business, WE grow your Sales!

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