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US Tax Lien Association
US Tax Lien Association offers subscribers access to current listings of real estate tax lien foreclosures. This .NET custom business software allows for 3rd party web feeds to update current listings.
StockTraderWiz is an online social platform revolving around stock trading. The system integrates with the StockWiz Pro mobile app to help traders improve their trading.
My Hardware Place
My Hardware Place is a website for an independent ACE Hardware store. This website was build using WordPress.
GoldBear Capital Intl
GoldBear Capital International is a Canadian based business consulting company. Their site was built using responsive WordPress.
Real Growth
Real Growth is a custom PHP software package build in the same format as a crowdfunding platform where users can post their personal goals and have followers and supporters in their efforts.
DialThemUp Calling Solution
The DialThemUp calling system allows users to set up their group's numbers, create voice messages and send them at a specific time and date. This system does "robocalling" and other voice broadcasts. This system was built in .NET.
Triangle Performance
Triangle Performance is a business consulting company. Their responsive website was built in WordPress.
Projects Planner
Projects Planner is a project and business management tool for different industries that allow small businesses to manage their clients, projects, and teams.
Viddago is a video marketing company that creates videos for clients to be used in ads, on their websites, and other marketing channels. This website was created using WordPress.
The DM3 Group
The DM3 Group is a hard money lender for real estate. This website was built using WordPress.
ProfitFirst IOS/Android App
Profit First apps are based on the best selling book Profit First. It provides business owners instructions for allocations of business income to taxes, profit, operations, and owner's pay.
Horwitz Horwitz & Associates Calculator
This PC Application is a network based tool that allows this law firm to calculate workmen's compensation claims for their injured clients.
DialThemUp SMS Solution
This system was designed to send text messages to individuals within your group, from doctors offices to patients, as well as text broadcasts to conference attendees or other groups. This system was created in .NET.
CareCube Nursing Home Management
Offers Nursing Homes to remote (tele-health) doctor's appointments as needed. It alerts the doctor's office that a patient needs to be seen and puts awaiting patients into a "waiting room" (queue). This software was built with .NET.
Marant Media Group
Marant Media is a media company that helps companies market through the use of video. This website is built using responsive WordPress.
Clear Commercial
Clear Commercial Real Estate is a real estate group in Phoenix, Arizona. Their responsive website is built with WordPress.
iProkure is a search engine designed for subscribing businesses to procure supply chain items directly from other subscribing suppliers. This is a custom .NET software package.
New Beginnings
New Beginnings is a provider of pediatric Speech Therapy. This responsive website was built using WordPress.
StockWiz Pro IOS/Android App
StockWiz Pro is a mobile app that integrates with a web platform that helps stock traders improve their trading results.
Gallery of Condos
Gallery of Condos is a Canadian based real estate company. Their website is built using WordPress.
Appt Reminders
Appt Reminders is an affiliate of DialThemUp and offers appointment reminder calls for doctors and other service providers. This website was built using WordPress.
Proven Industries
Proven Industries is a company that sells trailer locks and hitches online. This website is a custom design using WordPress.
Share Your Freebies IOS/Android App
Share Your Freebies (iOS and Android) integrates with a web admin that allows the company to add free products in exchange for an opt-in. The admin area allows the company manage ads.
DialThemUp is a voice broadcasting company that sends voice messages to individuals or broadcasts messages to groups for political campaigns and types of groups. This website was created in WordPress.
My Industry Videos
My Industry Videos creates flash animation videos for different industries. Subscribers can insert their brands into the videos. This website/software back end were build using .NET.
PEQUOD Web Calculator
PEQUOD is a web based calculator for workmen's compensation for Indiana.
Virtual Bookkeepers Guide
Virtual Bookkeepers Guide is a sales website that offers training on setting up your own virtual bookkeeping services. This website is built with Optimize Press.
Charity Mania helps charities raise funds through the selling of sports team game cards for prizes. This mobile responsive website is built in WordPress.
Reynolds Home
Reynolds Home is a homeless shelter for women and children in El Paso, Texas. This website was built in responsive WordPress.
Remodeler Pro
RemodelerPro is a project management software package for remodelers that helps them manage their projects, clients, and crews.
Opportunity Center for the Homeless
Opportunity Center for the Homeless is a network of homeless shelters in El Paso, Texas. This website is built using WordPress.
Dial Political
Dial Political is part of DialThemUp, a company that offers automated robocalling and other telephone technologies. This website was created using WordPress.
YoZinga IOS/Android App
YoZinga is a location based app that allows retailers to push out discounts to app users in their area. This system also included a web portal for vendors to manage deals.
Liliya Garipova
Liliya Garipova is an artist that sells her work via her website. This website was built on the SmugMug platform.
Complynet provides safety compliance services to the auto industry. This project included a landing page for WordPress to help get visitors to opt-in.
Practice Management System
This .NET practice management system was build for small practitioners in the Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy industry. It allows for the managing of patient files, scheduling, therapists, and much more.
Web Designer Developers
WebDesignerDevelopers do monthly subscription based web design. This website was built using WordPress.
Online Violin Academy
Online Violin Academy holds virtual music instruction with its students. This website was built using WordPress.
Reclaim Your Purpose
Reclaim Your Purpose is a new age healer that helps individuals who feel stressed out or lost to reclaim their life's purpose. This website was built with WordPress.
Sports Fundraising
Sports Fundraising is an organization that helps coaches and parents raise money for their children's sports team. This website was completed using WordPress.
Bright Minds
Bright Minds is a private school in Calgary, Canada. Their website is built using responsive WordPress.
CRM Marant Media
This admin software was created for Marant Media to manage all their clients and their video production process.
SQUAC IOS/Android App
SQUAC is a location based app that allows users to find and participate in activities in their area.

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